Food Smoking Shavings – 8 Flavours


These Food Smoking Shavings can be used to smoke food on a home smoker, gas or charcoal braai or even on your stovetop.

Smoking gives food an extra dimension of flavor, it also changes the internal color of the meat to a light pink as smoke is imparted into the muscle tissue.

Due to their size/texture (they are more shavings than chips), they smolder for a shorter time to produce a delicious smoky flavor. Which also makes them quick and convenient to use.

How to use your Food Smoking Shavings:

  • Soak the wood shavings in liquid (water or other beverages) for  approximately 1hr.
  • This will ensure that steam is generated when the soaked chips/shavings are used, which will add moisture and heat to the smoking process. This method also prolongs the burning time of your shavings. The key with wood chips & shavings is to deny the wood of oxygen so it smolders and create smoke.
  • Create a tin foil tray and place shavings in the center of the tray.
  • Place the tray directly onto coals in your charcoal braai, add food to the grid and close the lid.
  • If using a smoker, follow the instructions of your specific smoker.
  • If using a gas braai, you’ll need a smoker box to use the shavings.
  • Or you can use a stovetop steamer, with the soaked shavings in the bottom (instead of water) with all the water drained off.

Available in Beech Wood, Cedar, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Walnut & Wild Olive (see longer description below for uses of the different flavors). And they are sold in 100g bags.

These Food Smoking Shavings can conveniently be used to smoke food on your a stovetop, home smoker, gas or charcoal braai. Sold as 100g bags.

Which Food Smoking Shavings to use for what:

  • Beech Wood Smoking Shavings – is from a light, mild hardwood with a slight nutty flavor so they are the perfect subtle companion to more delicate flavored foods. Use it for smoking red meat, fish, nuts and cheeses.
  • Cedar Wood Smoke Shavings – are traditionally used for smoking fish, while it is also fantastic for fruit and seafood. In the USA cedar is often used to also cook other meat light like chicken. But be sure to use it with care as cedar imparts a sweet, spicy flavor and not everyone enjoys this possibly very spicy flavor!
  • Cherry Wood Smoke Shavings – have a subtle mild, fruity flavor and is therefore great for smoking poultry, fish, vegetables, and fruit. It will also give your food a fantastic color and a subtler, sweeter smoky flavor. Making it perfect to use when you just want to compliment the flavor of your food and not overpower it.
  • Hickory Wood Smoke Shavings – create a sweet, yet strong bacony-flavor. The smoke itself can sometimes be pungent, but it adds a nice strong flavor to just about all meat cuts. And it is especially popular to smoke your pork and ribs.
  • Maple Wood Smoke Shavings – are great for smoking fruits, cheeses and pork. It has a mild and slightly sweet flavor so you can also use it for your poultry and small game birds.
  • Oak Wood Smoke Shavings – give a heavier smoke flavor and is therefore perfect for red meat and game. This is also probably the best wood to use for the best smoked steak. It is one of the more popular woods to use for smoking, as it gives a lovely color and a deep smoky flavor.
  • Walnut Wood Smoke Shavings – deliver a very heavy smoke and is therefore excellent for smoking strong-flavored red meat and game.
  • Wild Olive Wood Smoke Shavings – are ideal for any poultry as it has a fruity smell to it which adds sweetness to the meat.

Also available 500g bags, with a larger texture (more chips than shavings)  in only 2 of these flavors: Beech Wood and Oak.

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Beech Wood, Cedar wood, Cherry wood, Hickory wood, Maple wood, Oak wood, Walnut wood, Wild Olive wood




Beech wood, Cedar Wood, Cherry wood, Hickory wood, Maple wood, Oak wood, Walnut wood, Wild Olive wood


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