Steenvas ST300 Industrial Primer


ST300 Primer is a high-performance resin/polymer and may be used across a wide variety of applications in the food industry and characteristics include:

  • 7.5kg kit
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals such as boiling water, fats, oils, acids, alkalis and many solvents
  • Capable of withstanding extreme temperature conditions
  • Resists steam, radiation and frozen storage conditions
  • Contains no solvents or diluents
  • Safe convenient handling

The ST300 Concrete Primer has been developed to prevent osmotic pressure from inside green damp concrete. It provides excellent adhesion to damp concrete and will suppress rising damp and permits early overlaying with carpets or resin products without the conventional "drying out" period being observed.

Used in conjunction with ST300 Heavy Duty Epoxy Colour Topcoat.

Additional information

Weight 8.25 kg
Dimensions 37.5 × 18 × 26 cm


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