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What is Steenvas Epoxy Adhesives?

Steenvas ST100 is an incredibly strong epoxy adhesive that just about anyone that uses it, raves about!

ST100 has high repairing, bonding, filling, sealing, moulding and abrasion properties.

Usages include:

  • Bonding of rifle stock & barrels
  • Repairing of automotive and mechanical parts and equipment
  • Sealing of tanks
  • Anchoring bolts and rails in concrete
  • Filling of cracks and holes
  • Bonding wood, aluminium, PVC, nutec, glass, stone, concrete, iron, stainless steel and copper.
  • And much more!

ST100 can be moulded, painted, tapped and sanded.

This multipurpose epoxy adhesive has excellent resistance to water ( fresh and sea), most solvents- petrol, diesel, benzene, alcohol, chemicals, acids and alkalis, mineral oils, fats, grease and aliphatic solvents. High wear and extreme loading resistance.

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