Steenvas mineral


  • The material consists of an organic epoxy binder with a filler of black mineral sands. (Mainly Titanium Carbide)
  • When applying the material the especially smooth surface of the mineral sand particles in the shape of a ball or a club leads to the formation of a glassy surface. Within the material, the particles come into close contact, forming a dense hexagonal spherical package. By choosing the proper particle size distribution the usual cavitation can be avoided such that only a minimum of binder is required.
  • As a result of the dense packaging material becomes highly resistant to pressure and because of the high loading factor it also becomes highly wear-resistant.
  • The material is extremely resistant to corrosion and o other aggressive agents, especially to acids, alkalies and escretements, even when they are aqueous.
  • The surface friction can be set by choosing a proper mixture.
  • The material absorbs energy fast and it releases it slowly and homogeneously.

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Weight 10 kg



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