Alva Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Gas Heater

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The Alva Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Gas Heater is a perfect blend of style and functionality that promises to transform your space into a warm and inviting haven. Say goodbye to chilly nights (especially during loadshedding) and embrace the comforting hug of radiant heat, all while enjoying its stunning aesthetics.

With three heat settings to choose from, you can easily customize your comfort level to suit your needs. And thanks to its reduced gas odour feature and oxygen depletion sensor, you can trust that it is safe and reliable.

But that’s not all! This gas heater is also incredibly efficient, quickly heating up your space so you can start feeling cozy in no time. And when you need to move it to a different location, the swivel castors make it easy to do so.

So if you want to enjoy a warm and inviting space all year round, invest in an Infrared Radiant Indoor Gas Heater!

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Looking for a stylish and efficient way to keep your space warm? Look no further than the Alva Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Gas Heater! Not only does it provide reliable heating, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to any room with its sleek design.

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Features of the Alva Luxurious Infrared Radiant Indoor Gas Heater:

  • 4 Swivel castors that make it easy to move your heater around.
  • Reduced gas odor & greater efficiency.
  • Positive off valve.
  • Oxygen depletion sensor – to prevent gas asphyxiation due to low room O2 levels.
  • Flame failure protection device – automatic off in the event of pilot flame failure.
  • Fits all 5/8” Bullnose cylinder valves.
  • 3 ceramic panels that allows for 3 heat settings.
  • Quickly and efficiently heats up to 50m² area.
  • Hose & regulator included.
  • Colours: Red or Grey

Technical Information:

  • Type of Gas: LPG
  • Cylinder Size (Recommended): All 9kg industrial cylinders
  • Gas Consumption: 305gr/hr at max
  • Heat Output: Power settings from 1.55kW - 4.2kW
  • Dimensions: 48.5cm (w) x 28.5cm (d) x 75cm (h)
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Ignition Type: Integrated Piezo ignition
  • Approved: LPGSASA In Accordance With SANS 1539, SANS 1237, SANS 1156 (appliance, regulator & hose)

Safety & Care Instructions:

  1. Its best to have your heater checked once a year by a qualified technician.
  2. Before conducting any maintenance, always make sure the heater is off and cool and the cylinder valve tightly closed.
  3. Routinely clean the outside and storage area of your heater to remove dust and prevent lint build-up.
  4. Don't use abrasive products to clean the heater as they may damage the paintwork.
  5. Keep it covered or in its box when you're not using the heater for an extended period of time to prevent dust from settling on the panels. And when you remove the heater from storage always use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the panels before use.
  6. Only use original Alva parts for replacement. Using any other spare parts is dangerous and will void the warranty.

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