MSpa is an industry leader of portable and inflatable jacuzzi and spa models.

You can use an MSpa hot tub both outdoors and indoors. Whilst most of our customers set them up in their gardens either on a hard surface such as a patio or on their grass, a number of customers also set them up in a summer house, shed or garage.

Featuring the Whisper Quiet Technology and a built-in control box wrapped by the pool liner, an Mspa is the quietest portable spa that you can find.

The COMFORT collection, just like its name, offers a easeful air bubble massage by delivering thousands of bubbles that thoroughly massage the body for an invigorating experience. All models in this collection bear the latest UVC function, to make sure you enjoy a clean and healthy water massage.

The COMFORT collection uses an inflation hose for quick inflation. The internal control box is pre-installed before delivery. No need to connect a heavy control box to your unit! The whole process can be completed within 3 minutes.

We sell both the Tekapo and the Bergen from the Mspa Comfort series in both Medium & Large sizes.

We also sell replacement Filter packs and bases so that you can keep your Mspa jacuzzis clean and hygienic.

Other Mspa accessories like inflatable bladders, and covers, etc. are also available on our online store.

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